Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tiki Thirty Birthday b.a.s.h.

::: old school thermos cooler filled with fabric leis greet luau goers :::
::: poster collages of old pics are presented at the entrance as well :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }
::: the foodies :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }
::: lo mein :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }
::: lumpia | spam musubi :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }
::: hawaiian sno cone :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }
::: the barrel man | table decor | rice favors :::
{ The PhotoGrabber }
::: rice & shoyu with island style directions to cooking rice | birthday cake :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }
::: The Barrel Man w/o his Barrel wish stone guest "book" :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }
::: Some of the signed wish stones for Ryan :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }::: Keiki Fun :::
{ Jj Cariaso Photography }{ The PhotoGrabber }

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monkey First Birthday Photo

::: monkey munch in mini Chinese take out boxes :::
::: blue gumballs | cherry sours | lemon heads in penny jars :::
::: custom coloring books & banana chips in the little wagon on the table :::


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peacock Themed Wedding Details

From the May wedding we b.a.s.h.ed up for one of my besties!! This day was A-MA-ZING! It was so full of love and enthusiasm and funk! The guys had so much swagger and the ladies..well, we were dolls. :) It was a big challenge being a bridesmaid as well as the event designer. But, with an awesome b.a.s.h. all went off without a hitch!

The Bride, one of my oldest and dearest friends, was stunning. And of course the Groom was a looker himself. :D Enjoy the detail pics for now...

Jay Rabena Photography

The PhotoGrabber

The PhotoGrabber

Jay Rabena Photography

The PhotoGrabber

The PhotoGrabber
The PhotoGrabber

The PhotoGrabber

The PhotoGrabber

Jay Rabena Photography
The PhotoGrabber
top: The PhotoGrabber Bottom: Jay Rabena Photography

Jay Rabena Photography

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wedding Flowers

* black | white damask theme & green accents for a b.a.s.h.ed out wedding *

* The large vase on the right was the floral display at the church *
* The calla bouquet was for the bride *

* hydrangea flower wands for the flower girls *
* green silk ranunculus broaches & damask ribbon for the primary & secondary women sponsors
{that were kept as souvenirs too} *
* baby ranunculus & greens for the primary & secondary male sponsors *

Flowers by: Jennifer Viles
Photos Credit: The PhotoGrabber

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hand Crafted Wedding Details

Lots of Love & Craftsmanship went into the creation of these details.


1000 hand folded origami cranes from our b.a.s.h. man power.
Centerpieces with capiz shell branches | coral bush wish "tree" | message in a bottle with floating cranes...[ready to fill with sand from the island..for taking a piece of the beach home.]Buri box filled with salt water taffy favors & wrapped with coordinating theme ribbon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fan us on Facebook

eeeeeeeeek...we started a facebook fan page a couple months ago....we've posted there more frequently.. us. :)

construction b.a.s.h.

There are soooo many other we need to post...but...omg...we have been BUSY! And, I happen to have these on, quick peek...

Photo Credit: Roland Funtanilla