Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Pirate Party Mateys

Ahoy Mateys! That's right, a pirate party!! Take notice of the colors and how vibrant they arrrr!! I am loving the color combos of blues & reds...teals and raspberry, aqua & cherry, however you want to call it..I LIKE IT! :) Oh, and of course you must add in a touch of electric lime green!! (As my daughter puts it.) =D

This party was for a 4 year old little boy ~ but ~ definitely can be a girls theme too. See the goodies on the table? We've got some pink playing cards...cute huh? I think they're from Oriental Trading Company. I think... they are..looksie at the Pirate party!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Monster Bash

So...checking out my fave blogs today, I stopped by Frost Me and Kim had a post on there called "Shopping Saturday." She features the goodies over at Michaels which include an awesome section of Monster Party decor and supplies.

Instantly, I am reminded to post pics of Sebastian's 2nd Birthday party held back in December (yeah..yeah, just a teeny weeny bit late). Anyway, this SUPER DUPER CUTE Monster b.a.s.h. was totally inspired by - the infamous stage of the "TERRIBLE TWO'S!!"

Check out all of the skerry monsters at this party!! :)

this cutie face & terrible two's? NO, NEVER! [right Azila?]

grow your own monster ...OoOoOOohhh

monsterous sweets

the Monster "Temper Tanturn Control" Goodie bags
::: THE CRAFTS :::

Monday, April 12, 2010

Zoo Animals First Birthday Party

I know what you're thinking...Gretchen must be b.a.s.h.ed out crazy here! 2 posts, 2 days [nights] in a row?! What in the world is going on?? Ha!
With kiddo to bed, pastrami sammich & celery sticks packed for hubby's lunch, and my clothes ready for tomorrow...that's right...i've got 20 minutes to post photos of Makani's FIRST birthday party!

This was done back in's photo heavy...and I love all of them. Annaliza & her husband Geoff did a fabuloso job taking pics in addition to set-up!!

::: Hope you likey :::

the welcome sign!Makani's guest book & shoesiesgamsies at the kids table table decor [fragile] but plastic girraffes
Food fit for a king!
Makani's favorite snackies amongst some other goodies!
table decor & yarn as the balloon [string]
premade goodie baggies for the kids - tatoos, stickers, pencils, stamps..etc

the kiddie eatery / craft table