Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Triple S for Mr. T

For 6 year old Tristan..we made those goodie baggies..and OMG..smack me upside the head please! I was soooo excited to hand them over to his mom at the party, that I FAILED to take a photo of the final product! please tell me this has happened to you too!

I did manage to capture a few photos of a fave element of we put in the bag. It was Azila's idea and with my graphic design skiiiiiillz, I made it.

That's right friends...they were push-pops turned into Lightsabers! You KNOW that's cool! :)

So, other than that item for the bag, I didn't get any other ones! :( Let me tell ya, I am a Nintendo kid, so I have no idea what Sonic the Hedgehog was all about, or know too much about Star Wars. So, I studied up on Tristan's faves and totally covered the details to make his goodie bag one he'll remember forever!

Here's a list of fun stuff that went into the favor baggie:

  • Lightsaber Lollipop aka Push-Up Lollipops
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos Emeralds aka Gushers, Jewel shaped
  • Super Mario's Fireball Power aka Red Bouncey Ball
  • Star wars Tatoos
  • Custom Activity Book containing all three characters
  • Box of crayons

It was such a cute favor. My most favorite part was when Tristan got his Favor bag, opened it up and his eyes lit up! He was soooo into how I called everything by their proper video game name! He even corrected people when they refereed to an item not by it's character name! :) He wanted to go outside and play with his stuff, then he looks over at his mom and is like, Mom...hold my fireball, It's my secret power!

I just about died with excitement!

Azila makes Tutu # 2 - Oatmeal and Strawberry

My friend and b.a.s.h.ful events partner Azila created another masterpiece ~ Tutu.~ Oatmeal and Strawberry is just a beautiful color combination and we are sooo excited to present it to the birthday gal to wear on her special day! You'll think it's stunning too! Take a look:

I sweaaaaar...

....new pictures and posts, later today! I suck. :(

Just quickly though...did I mention that 2 of my most admired blogs gave us some xoxo for our lemon and lime candy buffet? holy toledo, batman! i was beaming with delight!!


Jennifer Sbranti - Hostess with the Mostess
And a SPECIAL thanks to all our new followers! I'll be posting new stuff later today! :) Please feel free to leave comments! We love hearing from you!
It's Tuesday...another great day to get b.a.s.h.ed!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Azila makes a Tutu....

My girlie-pahtna Azila has amazing ideas and beautiful craftsmanship! I may have mentioned a Go Diego Go birthday party we are b.a.s.h.ing up in September...well, it's for a little girl...so, how else to fancy the scene? A tutu of course! Take a look at this gorgeous tutu that Azila made for the birthday girl! It's color themed to Baby Jaguar and it's soooo stinkin cute!

Awesome job Azila!
I'm so lucky to have her on my team!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Super "Tristan" Teaser

What do you think about these little tote baggies I customized for a little guy named Tristan?

Can you tell what theme it's for? Yup ~ Super Mario Bros!! :) I got these blue totes and both adhesive felt sheets in red and white at Michaels!! I cut out white circles and then proceeded to cut out the letter "M" in red like Mario's hat....but, this is Tristan's birthday, not Mario's! ;) teehee! So, I went with "T!"

Anyways...off I go to customize more items for the goodie bag! Still need to tie in a hint of Sonic the Hedgehog and Star Wars, Attack of the Clones! Wish me luck! haha

Stay tuned...