Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Triple S for Mr. T

For 6 year old Tristan..we made those goodie baggies..and OMG..smack me upside the head please! I was soooo excited to hand them over to his mom at the party, that I FAILED to take a photo of the final product! please tell me this has happened to you too!

I did manage to capture a few photos of a fave element of we put in the bag. It was Azila's idea and with my graphic design skiiiiiillz, I made it.

That's right friends...they were push-pops turned into Lightsabers! You KNOW that's cool! :)

So, other than that item for the bag, I didn't get any other ones! :( Let me tell ya, I am a Nintendo kid, so I have no idea what Sonic the Hedgehog was all about, or know too much about Star Wars. So, I studied up on Tristan's faves and totally covered the details to make his goodie bag one he'll remember forever!

Here's a list of fun stuff that went into the favor baggie:

  • Lightsaber Lollipop aka Push-Up Lollipops
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos Emeralds aka Gushers, Jewel shaped
  • Super Mario's Fireball Power aka Red Bouncey Ball
  • Star wars Tatoos
  • Custom Activity Book containing all three characters
  • Box of crayons

It was such a cute favor. My most favorite part was when Tristan got his Favor bag, opened it up and his eyes lit up! He was soooo into how I called everything by their proper video game name! He even corrected people when they refereed to an item not by it's character name! :) He wanted to go outside and play with his stuff, then he looks over at his mom and is like, Mom...hold my fireball, It's my secret power!

I just about died with excitement!

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