Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Princess Party Preview

We had an eventful long weekend!!

Both b.a.s.h.es were for 3 yr old girls...one on Saturday was a Princess b.a.s.h. and the one on Monday was a Go Diego Go b.a.s.h.

On Saturday - the winds were angry! They were strong, and loud and I was worried! The 12 pm party was to be held at a park with a large gazebo shelter. I was about to contact some in door locations for a last minute move...BUT...there was ray (literally) of hope as I started to pack up my car to haul stuff over to the park. The clouds slightly parted and sunshine peeked through.

I went to the park and began setting up...the winds didn't calm down...if, anything...they got stronger. I figured, we could beat the wind...just not a wind and rain combo! It was definitely a challenge, but we used LOTS of glue dots (my new best friend) to hold things down.

The birthday girl showed up with a twinkle in her eye and a huge smile on her face - delighted to see tutus and wings, and pinks and purples and sparkles everywhere!!

It was a big success - the day was filled with:

  • Dressing up: The girlies were princesses and the boys were knights
  • Glamming up: Lip gloss & sparkle dust for the girls while the boys got knight tattoos
  • Pictures: A castle backdrop hung up between pillars and the kiddies stood in front of it after getting fancied up for photos.
  • Craft Time: Wooden treasure chest decorating with jewels, pompoms, and markers and foamies stickers. And of course to fill their boxes...gold coins!! :D
  • Fun Time: An assortment of puzzles, books, coloring books, and finger puppets all princess or pirate themed (knight themed books were a bit hard to find) were laid out for little hands to explore and play.
  • Cupcake Decorating: Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were handed out along with little icing spreaders. The kids went to town with icing and sprinkles and gel writers! It was GREAT!
There were over 200 photos taken, but Azila was able to put together a short montage of the day with some of the pics. So, here's a video preview of that special b.a.s.h. ALSO - notice the cute custom tutu that Birthday Girlie - Macaela is wearing. That's the one that Azila made!!

Watch Princess Preview - click here

View this montage created at One True Media

I'm also waiting for photos from the Mommy of the Birthday gal! I know she took some awesome pics too! :) More to come!!

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