Friday, September 11, 2009

Rawr...A Jungle Inspired Soiree

A last minute venue change took place for the GDG (Go Diego Go) b.a.s.h. It was super ugs weather on Monday...windy, rainy..then windier and rainier before the partay.

Anyways, little birthday gal, Kira, was sooo cute. Annaliza gave her the jungle themed tutu to wear and she accessorized with some pink mid-top chuck taylors. ka-yooot!

So the most challenging part about planning this party was to find a connection behind what Mom wanted (strawberries) and what Kira wanted (GDG.) Annaliza did her homework and discovered that there was an episode of GDG, where their mission is to save Abuelito's farm.

So, we incorporated that storyline when presenting the strawberry cake mom special ordered from an out of state bakery.
The activities for the kids included:
  • Face painting & tattoos
  • Decorate a goodie box - using stencils, markers, stamps and stickers
  • Make a rain stick - using recycled paper board, rice and dry beans
  • Explore a station - assortment of I-Spy books, magnifying glasses, finger puppets
  • Save the strawberries - white ceramic planters lined with plastic cups so kids could 'plant their strawberries', using ice cream, Oreo's or graham crackers and of course strawberries on top.
  • Photo op backdrop - hung up a green canopy, turned a super sized tote bucket upside down for sitting, floor pillows and an elephant for props, along with a variety of animal masks.

The kids had a fun time, even the older ones. Hope you enjoy this little montage...created by Annaliza!

View this montage created at One True Media

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