Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Kitty b.a.s.h.

This b.a.s.h. was one of our most faves to put together! We've been Hello Kitty fans for-e-ver!! Details include:
  • Handmade hats with yarn poms
  • A pink and brown candy | goodie buffet
  • Re-using Valentine's day grams for signage
  • Hello Kitty decorated [hand drawn & felt cut ribbon] goodie boxes
  • Make a wind chime craft [cups, beads, yarn, bells]
  • Stick the bow on hello kitty game
  • Pink & brown decor galore

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monkey Birthday b.a.s.h.

Sweet Bryce loves monkeys and we couldn't have been more excited to put together this monkey b.a.s.h. for her. The details include: yarn poms, making monkey ear headbands, decorating animal frames, a b.a.s.h.ful version of nut-free trail mix we called Monkey Munch, a mini monkey goodie buffet, monkey huts and monkey dough. :) Enjoy the pretty and playful photos taken by the fabuloso Azila!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nautical Baptismal

This event happened in late April, and we actually have a few more other events that happened before this one that we still need to post pics for. But...bleh, here it is anyway! :)

The "Life is Sweet Sailing" - dessert bar was the centerpiece to our nautical baptismal. This one was for our Godson Dominic. (love you baby!!) We chose a very simple color theme and worked the 'sea life' angle into our b.a.s.h. touches!

All of the yummy desserts were made with big loves by family and friends!

We also have a beachy b.a.s.h. coming up in, we may reapply these touches to that one, except girlie style..since it's for a 9yr old birthday! <--- excited for that one.

What summer do you have lined up? Any cool ideas you want to share? I maaaaay have to borrow a few, since I know you're all so great at this event designing thing! :)