Friday, May 7, 2010

Nautical Baptismal

This event happened in late April, and we actually have a few more other events that happened before this one that we still need to post pics for. But...bleh, here it is anyway! :)

The "Life is Sweet Sailing" - dessert bar was the centerpiece to our nautical baptismal. This one was for our Godson Dominic. (love you baby!!) We chose a very simple color theme and worked the 'sea life' angle into our b.a.s.h. touches!

All of the yummy desserts were made with big loves by family and friends!

We also have a beachy b.a.s.h. coming up in, we may reapply these touches to that one, except girlie style..since it's for a 9yr old birthday! <--- excited for that one.

What summer do you have lined up? Any cool ideas you want to share? I maaaaay have to borrow a few, since I know you're all so great at this event designing thing! :)


  1. How adorable! I love the swedish fish;o)

  2. I have 4 parties on tap for the next 2 months. I have our end of Spring Soccer party - "Free the feet." Our team was pink and blue so that is the party colors and the girls are getting ribbon covered flip flops as the favor. End of Year Daisy Scout party - Blue, Yellow and White (using the blue from soccer, just changing out flowers, etc.) Girls getting tote bags and bookmarks at our skating party. Neighborhood 4th of July parade and bash - Obviously red, white and blue (there is that blue again)and potluck in the park. Lastly, my son's 3rd birthday also red, white and blue - Preppy Train party. Reusing a ton from the 4th and utilizing stripes, train icon I designed, and monograms. I am loving this party and the inspiration above is priceless to me right now - Thanks! I will be bummed when July is over. I will have to start planning Halloween, ha ha.

  3. What wonderful inspiration for a party! Great job!

  4. So cute!! So many little details! love the origami boats