Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Monster Bash

So...checking out my fave blogs today, I stopped by Frost Me and Kim had a post on there called "Shopping Saturday." She features the goodies over at Michaels which include an awesome section of Monster Party decor and supplies.

Instantly, I am reminded to post pics of Sebastian's 2nd Birthday party held back in December (yeah..yeah, just a teeny weeny bit late). Anyway, this SUPER DUPER CUTE Monster b.a.s.h. was totally inspired by - the infamous stage of the "TERRIBLE TWO'S!!"

Check out all of the cuteness..no skerry monsters at this party!! :)

this cutie face & terrible two's? NO, NEVER! [right Azila?]

grow your own monster ...OoOoOOohhh

monsterous sweets

the Monster "Temper Tanturn Control" Goodie bags
::: THE CRAFTS :::


  1. first... thanks for the love! second, how stinky cute is this party?!? you did an amazing job... so need to tuck this in the monster file for a later post.

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  2. Very fun party! Love the "tantrum control" bags!