Sunday, April 11, 2010

Superhero Birthday Party FollowUp

Well, it's APRIL and I guess it's been a couple months since my last post. There goes my goal to post up Jack's Superhero birthday that one wek back in February! HA! But, they are here now! :)
So...without further ado, b.a.s.h.ful presents Jack's Superhero Birthday Party.
~ Enjoy ~
birthday boy
goodie bags
pencil favors
sweet station
superhero cape craft
batman & coloring sheets
poms jewels for crafts & gob stopper candy
eatery essentials
craft table
paper webs
sweet station backdrop
superhero card decor


  1. So cute! I bet he had a blast!

  2. super cute! I love all the "Bam" and "Splat" words everywhere!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  3. How fun~ Photos look like they're straight out of a comic book;o)

  4. Love all the details! So cute...'s still April. Not May. ;)

  5. hello I wanted to know where yougot his name done at?

  6. Hello "tye's Mom"

    I apologize for catching this question so late. Custom signage is a part of the kits we provide for the events we do. :)

    email me at if you have anymore questions.


  7. *super* CUTE! Superheroes must've been all the rage in's a peek at the one we did:

    Leesa Zelken, CEO (Children's Entertainment Organizer TM)
    SEND IN THE CLOWNS "Bravura kiddie party planning"
    ~Los Angeles Magazine

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