Thursday, October 22, 2009

A 1920's and Speakeasy Joint

What a super amazing fun night we had at the 1920's Speakeasy b.a.s.h we threw for birthday duo Damien (29) & Kirsten (30).
Inspired by the prohibition movement in the 1930's and the jazz swing era of the roaring 1920's we immediately set the tone for the party by having guests go to a secret website. The site gave the guests instructions on dressing to the time period, giving the doormen the secret password, and bringing with them a bottle of 'hooch.' :)
We had a popcorn buffet with 1920's posters as a backdrop - made the signage and the grab and go cone display. There was a photosection with props and a background. The setting was surrounded by candle light and uplighting behind draping floor to ceiling curtains. Vintage slang cards for guests to ramp up on their 1920's lingo, and games like backgammon and cards that were popular during that time. Alcohol was served in paper cups, and sliders were brought out as an after dance snack. As soon as midnight struck, cupcakes were displayed and the birthday song was sung.
Below are a few photos from that evening. But please...check out the slide show. There are so many great pictures. We had a professional photographer come in for the photo section part, however, do not have a hold of those pics yet. But, for now..check out the soiree from the b.a.s.h.ful view!
Everyone looked so fabulous. People really got into their costumes and character. The bartender even looked like a gentleman from the past!
Thanks soooo much Damien and Kirsten - you've been b.a.s.h.ed!


  1. I love 1920's decor!! The ambiance is amazing! The guests really went all out with their outfits. Perfect party!!

  2. Wow, great party! Looks like fun.

  3. My sister in law and I are working on planning a Roaring 20's party so I really love this! Great ideas...thanks for sharing!