Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Camping Party

Ok, get ready for a photo heavy post! There were just so many fun things about this party, that it was too hard to pick out just a couple to share.

PLUS ~ it was my daughter's 5th birthday!! :)

There are tons of people we want to THANK for helping out! We are truly BLESSED with awesome family and friends! You all know who you are.

white chocolate & milk chocolate cocoa powder . mini marshmallows . peppermint bits

Our UNglamorous S'mores bar - we were camping, remember?

The kiddos 'fished' with a pole & a magnet . {my Jenia decorated the fishies}

They also practiced their target shooting . {rubber band gun & styrofoam cups}

Then they made pet rocks {you need a best pallie out in the woods}

They decorated canvas backpacks {fabric markers . poms . jewels . glue dots}

That cutie on the left is mine! :)

The kids also went berry picking {planted strawberry seeds in these teeeeeeny pots}

Upon entering, the kids were welcomed with 'campfire songs'
by a local friend music director I hired

At the end of the party the kids all settled down to listen to "campfire"
{kid-friendly} ghost stories told by a local storyteller that I also hired.
That one is mine in the front with the stuffed animals. :)
We invited the kiddos to come in their jammies. {what's camp without a tent?}

THE birthday cupcake . {strawberry vanilla} . simple as can be!
I had a pics of the cupcake table...but, blogspot is giving me a hard time importing it.
I may have to do it in another post...

paper trees {made by Azila} and mason jar lanterns {made by the hubby}
adorned the tables

Our "campfire" {bought the indoor fire [typically used for rockstar parties] at party city}.
We surrounded {decorated} it with real firewood.

The foodies table . below is the menu pics. :)

chilli . coarnbread . hotdogs . chips . pulled pork sammiches . meatballs & sauces .
chicken wings . vege & fruit platter . desserts
the pics of my daughter i fancied up for the entrance table .
there the kiddos got 'wilderness' explorer name tags {forgot to get a pics of it}

The entrance table with camping figurines that said "Happy Campers"
{from Oriental Trading Company} & the guest book
I got this "UP adventure book" for free from collecting Disney Rewards.

The sign to enter the "Camp" . I forgot to get pics of the ENTIRE setting, where we hung up banner flags between the eating area and the activities area. We also brought in some branchy trees to give it a more 'woodsy' look.

The parents and the kiddos all said they had a good time.

I know we did!


  1. This is great! looks like so much fun...and I love "unglamorous" s'more bar - perfect!

  2. So creative and some really great ideas! I have a little niece who would love this party. The crafts for the kids were fabulous also.

  3. Very cute theme idea, love the faux fire pit.

  4. What a great idea for a party! I'm with the others - the faux fire pit rocks!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com

  5. What an awesome party! Great ideas too!

  6. it's about time i said Thanks for all the love! :)



  7. what a great party!! I love camp fires!