Friday, June 11, 2010

Graduation Gift b.a.s.h.kets

It is graduation..and we were asked to b.a.s.h. up some gifts. Here's what we came up with! Gift b.a.s.h.kets inspired by, "Oh, the places you will go!"
  • travel magazine
  • travel candle
  • travel wallet for tickets and boarding passes
  • chocolates & caramels
  • travel snacks
  • luggage tag
  • starbucks giftcard
  • custom notecards with envelopes

What ideas do you have for graduation gifts! We'd LOVE to hear em! :)

Personalized notecards we designed & packaged

b.a.s.h.ket goodies upclose.

Congratulations Class of 2010!


  1. These are so cute!
    I still remember that someone gave me laundry soap and several rolls of quarters when I graduated Highschool...I think this is cuter! ;)

  2. This is the SMARTEST idea ever! I think it's super cute and creative.