Friday, May 22, 2009

I am so b.a.s.h.ful!

Writing the first post is always the hardest! I have started like 3 or 4 blogs in the past and never got past the 'Congratulations! Your blog has now been created!' I am shamed too, since now those blog titles are taken up and someone who may want to use it for theirs....well, can't! (sigh)

Anyway....feeling pretty good so far.

I talk, this should be easy for know, having my own blog. But...I feel sooo exposed! :) Ok...I'm over it now.

So, here's my thing... I've begun the journey into a personal business venture. And I call it ~

Wow! Cool! I have to admit I'm liking the look of that logo. I'm still working on it. But, for now, I think it'll look nice on my cards. :P

b.a.s.h. = birthdays . announcements . showers . holidays ful custom event kits to fit your entertaining needs! <--more on my biznass later!

So, I've started the blog to:

  1. Showcase some of my work!
  2. Learn how to type fast without having to look down at my fingers.

  3. Release creative thoughts and energy thru exchanging design ideas with talented bloggers!

  4. Share with you my daily adventures!

  5. Showcase some of my work! oh...did I say that one already ;)

I am thrilled to get started!

Welcome to my little space on the internet. It's just you and me! Don't be bashful! Enjoy this ride with me!

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  1. whoo hoo! so so excited mama to join in this fabulous adventure!