Sunday, May 24, 2009

May in a Day!

First off...I just wanted to say "HI!" to all of my 3 followers! :) Get ready to be WOWed! haha! Seriously, Thanks for the follow!

There were so many fabulous events that took place in my May! I had my first Fancy Schmancy event, co-hosted a surprise bridal day & engagement party, and co-hosted a baby shower!

I am patiently waiting for photos from the Fancy Schmancy Party & from the Engagement Party!

I do have some decor shots from the Baby Shower though. Enjoy!

My dear friend decorated the nursery in an owl theme, so it was only right to carry the theme through to her shower. I'll post a picture of the invitation I made in an invitation series, a bit later.

Those party favors are miniature clip boards I made out of coasters from Michael's (from the $1 section,) a binding clip, a pad of post-it's, and mini wood pencils <-- from one of my fave online boutiques: Beacoup Favors! It was a project that took some time because of having to cover each coaster with owl themed paper, but it was soooo worth it! Everyone thought they were not just creative, but useful!!
I did party favors for a few children's birthday parties this month too. I am super excited to show them off in a favors blog! but, I need to upload, those are coming soon!
Ok..[yawn] creative brain is asleep! Till tomorrow!

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  1. very cute! the favors are great. nice work!