Sunday, July 12, 2009

How SWEET it is....

I was waaaaaay too excited to wait for more, here are a couple pics of the Lemon & Lime color theme candy buffet we did this weekend for a baby shower! It was a hit!

All of the goodies, except for the lemon flavored salt water taffy were custom wrapped to fit the theme. The kinds of yummies we had were:
  • milkita lollis <-- the perfect size for the mini to-go boxes & tasty too!
  • mini hershey bars
  • apple gummies
  • lemon drops
  • salt water taffy
  • and bubbles <--everything is better with bubbles! :)

The To-Go boxes with a paper floral accent (it's the paper confetti from the Brides line)

The tablescape! I made those paper 'daisies' with marabou in the center. I thought they'd be a fun piece to add to the color scheme. Also, if you look closely there a few mini butterflies through out the set-up. Again, whimsical and playful! :)

All Photos Courtesy of: Eric Rabena