Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Teasers: Lemons & Limes

Yup..that's right...yellow, again! No complaints here!! Lets use it while summer is here right?? It's a hot color right now!! I digg it, the peeps digg it! So, we are here to deliver the goodness! This weekend is another soiree and here's a sneaky peaky for what we're working on...

I am especially excited about this project, cause it's my first custom wrapped mini chocs! I am just going to say it...I applaud my efforts. [clapping!] i am very pleased with how they've turned out sooo far. :)

All right..I know. I know, you are begging to see more. But, just be patient...you don't want the client to see it all right now...

1 comment:

  1. New to your blog home...love this idea! We are doing my Daughters baby shower (sigh...I'm going to be a Grammy) on a very little budget...anf this is a great idea! Thanks for the share!