Monday, June 29, 2009

Grey & Yellow Pt III - Baggies and Taggies

Some of the most delish treats come from those 'small' bakeries in town. For a long time, Azila and I have been big fans of this local bakery, "Monica's Waterfront Bakery & Cafe," in old town Silverdale. Not until April of this year did a friend of mine introduce me to their custom cookies! I thought they were done so cute that I have been itching to find a reason to order some.

And so for the baptismal, along side a cookie buffet (photos later), were cookies I ordered from the bakery and personalized with the letter "E" for Elijah.

Using the same pattern as was used for the votive candle wraps and the banner, I created tags for the cookies. Originally I wanted to stick them in a baggie and just use the sticker label to seal the baggies. But cute Azila wanted to showcase my taggies, and so, she decided to skip over the sticker label altogether and just punch holes in them and twisty tie the baggies shut.

She made the right choice, cause they turned out so cute. She did a great job putting the tasty "shortbread sugar iced" treats in baggies and tying them with taggies. Thanks girl!! See...

Pictures of the event soon to come. I am waiting for pics from a friend!! :)

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